Legal notice

company name    Grand2 Co., Ltd.
Manager    Deguchi Glaucio
Street address    〒153-0051
1-3-7 Kamimeguro, Meguroku, Tokyo,  VORTDaikanyama 4F    
phone number    03-6427-0944
mail address

Necessary price other than the product    
【Delivery charge】     
Domestic shipping: Flat rate ¥ 800 including tax    
Shipping charges may vary depending on the delivery area.    
(Shipping to Hokkaido / Okinawa is ¥ 1,500 including tax)    
We will deliver free shipping nationwide to customers who purchase monthly subscriptions and regular products for ¥ 22,000 or more including tax.    
Overseas shipping: Flat rate ¥ 3,000    
We do not accept cash on delivery orders from overseas or shipping overseas.    
Customs duties may be incurred in the destination country. In that case, please note that the customs duty, etc. incurred will be borne by the recipient.    
Please note that the customs duty amount and customs fees are not fixed before and at the time of shipment, so we cannot answer any inquiries.    
Please understand and understand that you will be responsible for customs duties and customs fees when you receive the item after checking it in advance by the orderer.    
How to order
Please select a product, select the desired quantity, and then click the Add to Cart button.
Please fill in the necessary information such as payment method and delivery address, and complete your order online.    

Payment Method    
・ Credit card payment    
[Scheduled to be supported sequentially]    
・ Paypal    
・Google pay    
・Apple pay    

・ Regular purchase orders can only be paid by credit card.    
Due date for payment    
[Credit card payment / Paypal]    
We will process the payment when your order is completed.    
[Cash on delivery]    
Please pay the order price when you receive the item.    
Delivery time    
[Days to deliver]    
For credit card payment, cash on delivery, Paypal, convenience store payment:    
After completing your order, regular products will be shipped in about 3 to 5 business days.    
However, please note that delivery may be delayed from the schedule depending on the credit card processing status.    
When using bank transfer:    
After payment is confirmed, regular products will be shipped in about 3 to 5 business days.    
It will be shipped from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays and Sundays. Also, shipping overseas is not exactly this way.    
You cannot specify the delivery date and time when purchasing the product.    
[Regarding reserved products]    
Please check in advance as the shipping time is stated on the product page.    
However, delivery may be delayed if orders are concentrated or before or after consecutive holidays.    
Even after the order is completed, we may not be able to prepare as many products as the number of orders, and you may be asked to cancel your order. So thank you in advance for your understanding.    
About bundled shipping    
Due to system reasons, we cannot bundle regular products with regular products, or regular products with different order numbers. We do so because there may be a delay in the entire shipment due to communication with the distribution center and preparation for bundled shipment. Thank you for your understanding.    
Cancellation / Return / Exchange    
Cancellation due to customer convenience is not accepted.    
[Return / Exchange]    
As a general rule, we cannot accept returns for your convenience.    
However, we will only accept returns within 5 days after the item arrives, only if the item is defective or if the item is different from the ordered item due to misdelivery.    
Shipping fee for returns:    
We will bear all shipping charges for defective and misdelivered items.    
[When the product is returned due to an incorrect address, long absence, or refusal to receive]    
Customers will be charged the actual cost of "round-trip shipping" as the shipping cost.    
In that case, if you do not reply to the contact from us, we may send a content certification mail and carry out legal procedures.    
When placing an order, please make sure that there are no omissions in the address.    
Issuance of receipt    
[When paying by credit card]    
When you make a purchase, you will see a printable receipt in your order history.    
-The printable tax receipt displayed in the "Order History" is a formal form of receipt that can be used for expense reports.    
・ There is a blank space on the receipt where you can enter your personal name or company name after printing. The proviso is "goods price".    
・ Please note that it will be issued only once. Double issuance is not possible.    
Receipts and purchase statements include the following information:    
·order number    
·date of issue    
・ Payment amount (If discount is applied, the amount after application will be displayed.)    
・ Address (Please enter your personal name or company name in the blank.)    
・ However, it is a uniform "goods price" and cannot be changed.)    
・ Breakdown of receipts    
[For convenience store payment]    
In principle, we do not issue receipts. A "customer copy" will be issued when you pay the fee at the cash register at the convenience store. This "customer copy" will be the receipt    
General Counsel    Tonarino Law Office
Attorney Atsushi Iseda