Strength and suppleness are depicted in this unique and beautiful logo design harmony with human and horse.

The "CAVALEIROS" design, which combines strength and suppleness, means knight in Portuguese. In daily conversations, it also means a gentleman.
The one-point logo is CAVALOS, which means horse in Portuguese.
It is a cross between a knight and a horse, and represents a sense of unity between man and horse.

The brand design is based on the coat color of a racehorse, such as body hair, skin color, pattern, and fur.
It aims to be a sports brand that is light, durable, functional, breathable, design-conscious, easy to move in, and luxurious for all people involved in horse racing.
The dots in the CAVALEIROS logo incorporate a playful motif of the horseshoe mark, and the last straight line, which is associated with the course of horse racing, is also used as a one-point symbol.


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