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【L'hippodrome de Paris Longchamp Limited】Deep Bond Triumph of the Arc - Official Prayer for Victory - Paper Cranes (Blue)

【L'hippodrome de Paris Longchamp Limited】Deep Bond Triumph of the Arc - Official Prayer for Victory - Paper Cranes (Blue)

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L'hippodrome de Paris Longchamp Venue Exclusive Commemoration of Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe 2022! Pray for Deep Bond's Safety and Victory Origami Crane Handkerchief.
This is a limited quantity, so sales will end as soon as the product is sold out.
Orders placed by September 24 will be shipped at the end of September, and orders placed after September 25 will be shipped in mid-October!
※Please note that this may change slightly depending on the order status.

The "senbazuru" (a thousand folded paper cranes) is the one of the most familiar pieces of origami as part of traditional Japanese culture. It is considered a symbol of
good luck, prosperity, and peace, as well as a heartfelt gift for sympathy and good fortune.
This product is a collaboration with a major Japanese textile manufacturer
SHINKO INDUSTRY CO.,LTD, using the traditional Japanese motif of "paper cranes" as a supporting item for Deep Bond. (Prayer paper cranes for winning again and again)

Size: Wl6.5cm X Hl6.5cm Thickness: 1mm
Outer fabric: Ultrasuede (80% polyester, 20% polyurethane)
Back fabric: 100% polyester ●Made in Japan

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